SEA Shells of Dominica

Like most Caribbean nations during the time of colonization, sea shells played an important role.  Construction stones had to be cut and shaped by hand. Men had to dive to the bottom of the sea to collect coral or sea shells needed to mix and boil lime to create mortar for the construction of buildings.

Due to this history and many other factors, sea shells have become a very important symbol today for many Caribbean Island nations. Dominica even immortalized them in a stamp collection issued on July 19th, 1990 as seen above.

However, many of these shells that have been documented and photographed over time were collected inside of what we know today as recreational dive limits (less than 130 feet), or even washed up onto the numerous beaches that surround this beautiful nature island.

Today, Chapman Expeditions has the opportunity to provide you with an insight to a deep sea Dominica collection of 10 different shells… shells that were discovered well beyond the light zone and down to 1000 ft.