The Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government of Dominica has partnered with the Marine Archeological Society of Curacao (STIMACUR – Curacao Maritime Museum) and the Smithsonian Institution Natural History Museum to complete research into the marine biology and ecology on the deep reefs off the Northwest coast of Dominica. This research will range from Marine Archaeology to Deep-reef Biodiversity as well as other areas of interest.  The RV Chapman arrived in Roseau on Tuesday February 23rd, 2016 and will sail North-ward towards Portsmouth on Thursday February 25th, 2016.

It is expected new marine biological information will be discovered in the deep waters of Dominica where no one has ever been before.  Unusual species of fish, coral, sponges and other marine life may be discovered during this expedition which will be of great significance to the local, regional and international community.

This is also a great promotional opportunity for the Dominica Ministry of Tourism and incredible exposure for this beautiful Nature Island. Over the next few days, scientists from the Smithsonian Institution will be joining the expedition. The Government of Dominica is looking forward to a successful underwater expedition for the benefit and advancement of marine biological science. 

The evening speakers included Mr. Norman Norris (Senior Fisheries Officer – Dominica Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Fisheries Division), Mr. Francois van der Hoeven (STIMACUR), Mr. Adrian “Dutch” Schrier (Substation Curacao/Curacao Sea Aquarium), and Honorable Johnson Drigo (Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries – Dominica Government).