Our 42 day ‪#‎dominicaexpedition2016‬ has officially come to an end... 

It has been an amazing experience and our Chapman Expedition Crew would like to officially thank the wonderful people of Dominica for welcoming us to your beautiful nature island!!

The primary areas of Deep Reef Exploration included;

  • Roseau Harbour
  • Prince Rupert Bay South (Picard)
  • Prince Rupert Bay North (Portsmouth)
  • Douglas Bay
  • Toucari
  • Capuchin

Here are a few quick exploration statistics:

  • Average Exploration Dive = 4 Hours
  • Total Exploration Dives (as of 31/3/2016) = 31
  • Total Underwater Exploration Hours = 124 hours
  • Total Exploratory Area Covered = 24 sq. miles
  • Max 2 miles off the coastline

Biodiversity Survey Results

  • At least 9 potentially new species of fishes and crustaceans were discovered in Dominica after only 20 submersible dives.
  • Many species await exact identification by experts at various Natural History Museums and Research Institutions in the United States and the Netherlands.
  • All information and specimens collected in Dominica will be available to researchers globally.

Special thanks to:

  • The many Scientists from the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History & Wageningen University
  • The Government of Dominica and Dominica Fisheries Division
  • The many wonderful people of Dominica that we met & assisted our Crew during the Expedition

Great Team Work and our hard working crews of Substation Curacao & the R/V Chapman made this Expedition an amazing success!!