Bonaire Expedition 2013

Leaving Curacao, sailing to Bonaire

IMARES is part of Wageningen UR and is a Netherlands based institution researching strategic and applied marine ecology to improve quality of life. Their research focuses on fisheries, aquaculture, and more generally the marine environment. 

In 2013 the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned IMARES to study the deep reefs of Bonaire as part of an Exclusive Economic Zone management plan for the Dutch Caribbean.

The resulting work addressed:

  1. Ecological Importance of Deep Reefs
  2. Habitat Features
  3. Biodiversity and New Species

The following report was completed by IMARES after an expedition to Bonaire in 2013. 

IMARES Wageningen UR. Bonaire Deep Reef Expedition I. Leontine E. Becking & Erik H.W.G. Meesters.
Report number C006/14

Top Side Bonaire

Below the Bonaire Waterline

Erik Meesters Specimen Photos